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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rumours of a busy WHFB schedule ahead...

The rest of 2013 and early 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting time for Warhammer Fantasy players.  In addition to the repeated rumours of 9th edition coming in 2014, a new expansion is all but confirmed to arrive in November:

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212Triumph and Treachery is an expansion that allows 3 or more players to battle upon the tabletop....... and in the end, there can be only one.
Its a hardcover expansion book, that comes with a deck of 36 game cards, 5 player turn cards, a pouch of game victory coins, a book with galleries, new artwork, examples of battles, and the rules for playing Triumph and Treachery with 3-5 players.
The cover of the book is a Dwarf fighting a Chaos Warrior in combat, with a Dark Elf Assassin sneaking in behind.
Official multiplayer rules for WHFB is great news, and something that I, personally, have been waiting a long time for.

Additionally, there are rumours about the supposed early 2014 releases of Dwarves and Wood Elves.  The Dwarf release, as rumoured:

OrcCrusher / TBM
Runic Anvil / War Altar
Squadron Box Gyrocopters
Thunderers Box / Crossbow / Dwarf Warriors (10)
Hammerers Box / Ironbreaker
Slayers Box / Brotherhood of Grimmir
Longbeards Box / Rangers
And initial rules and release rumours for Wood Elves:

 Hi Guys, new to the forum but a long time Wood Elves player.
The rumour is that the Wood Elves release is May 2014 and I have found some potential rules and releases translated from a Spanish forum, not sure about the accuracy but here goes:
Army wide ASF ( elves only )
- Hawkeye ( only elves , reroll one to hit, single shots)
- Spirit of the Forest ( unstable magical attacks, hatred , 5 + ward save , harmony with the forest )
- Elven Bow ( f4 , rapid fire , extra row )
- Saearath ( cc weapon , +1 Strength , + 1 SEspecial , spears )
- Explorers / Ambushers ( NDT : not what it is )

Forest Guard : Elvish Bow , Hawkeye
Eternal Guard : f4 , Saearath , L8
Light Knights : same
Driades : forms of combat .
Riders Halcon : Elven Bow , Hawk Eye , launches
Kournous Riders : Spirit of the forest, Saearath , L8 , F4 , A2 ( idk if directly go deer)
Arboreal : Spirit of the forest , as
Banshees : Spirit of the forest, Lamento ( breath attack ) , terror .
Eagle Claws : same
Wardancer : same , except for some changes that do not know .
Forest : Forest Spirit , Bow Elvish .
Men Tree: Like I
Millennial choleric : Hate Eternal , and nose to more

And releases
Man Megacaja Tree (Giant) / Durtu / Millennium cashflow
- Great Dragon Box Forest / Lord of the Forest / Sisters of Twilight
- Safety in Deer Forest Kournous
- Safety Kournous Riders (apparently nothing to do with the look of today, more fey and spiritual)
- Safety Wardancer / Forest
- Riders Box Falcon / Eagle Claws
- Safety Eternal Guard / Forest Banshees
- Blister Cantor of Trees
- Blister Lord of Forests
- Blister Skaw the Falconer
The Dwarf and Elf rumours both come from poster 'Ajota' on the Spanish Eye of Terror forums, which accounts for some of the unusual translations.  I'm not familiar with his/her reputation as a reliable source so I imagine you would take these rumours with a significant amount of salt.

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