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Monday, December 9, 2013

Tyranid Rumours again...

Sorry I've been quiet lately.  There have been a ton of new releases from GW, and Corvus Belli for Infinity but the rumour side of things has been pretty dry.  The best news to leak recently comes from Warseer:

+++++++++++ MAJOR UPDATE +++++++++++

Behold brothers and sisters, I have more evidence than you can handle Today we thought of kidding around with games Workshop and since my local dealer has a pretty good relationship with its GW Area Distributor we thought about try to include 3 Boxes of Plastic Hive Guard alongside the other products he needs to order. What started as a little joke ended up with a massive info leak. I was standing next to my dealer while he phoned, the speaker were turned on and this is what I heard with my own ears:
We: Hi XXX, we wanted to make an order
GW: Ok we can put the stuff in the package for this thursday
We: *name all the normal products*
GW: Ok I have managed your oder
We: ah and I saw a box of Hive Guards in the net - I want three of those aswell
GW: Haha yeah leaked pictures - and you know that. You need to wait till january
We: Does that mean we finally see bids in jan?
GW: Yeah, preorder around new year
We: can you give me some information or is this super secret?
GW: Yeah I can - we will inform the stores pretty soon anyway
We: Do you play bids, too or have any idea behind it?
GW: *searches Data* no not really, I rarely play
We: Ah ok
GW: here is what is in our system: a Harpyie for 62,50€, Hive Guards for 45,50€ . Haruspex for 57,50€ and a warrior box for 45,50€ .
We: No Drop Pod?
GW: Apparently not
We: Hmmm strange - I thought they would finally release one.
GW: This is pure speculation but I think I heard that the drop pod is no longer in the codex. this new creature is a transport thing
We: Cool, no chars, fine cast or clamshells?
GW: No just the things I just said, thats all.
We: Cool, can you tell me anything else?
GW: No - thats all
We: Ok Thanks

Tyranids in Jan
Harpyie 62,50
Schwarmwachen 45,50
Haruspex 57,50
Krieger Box 45,50.

And a followup from the ever reliable Endobai:

Heh, so it is out.
I can safely say something more.
All those sets allow construction of another unit, also the Haruspex which can be assembled as... another creature from Epic 40k.
Hive Guards got another weapon option which can be seen on the leaked image.
The weapon is electricity based. No doubt inspired by Teslas, but I have no idea if it works in a similar way.
Tyrant Guards are very lovely. My most favourite models in the release combining what is the best in the 3rd and 4th metal models.
Several weapon options just like with the warriors.
I think that they got those new 50 mm bases. I was mistaken in the past with the SM Centurions so forgive me if I commit another once again.
Haruspex is damn ugly so you will recognise it immediatelly, but its 'twin' is actually really nice looking MC.
Harpy's 'brother' is not called Eridne/however it was called in those rumours.

Exciting news for Tyranid players, but those prices are steep!