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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Digital Codex: Inquisition

Now this one is a bit of a surprise, I hadn't heard any rumours about it before today, but according to the GW Digital Editions Facebook page, the next codex will be Codex: Inquisition, available in November.

From the release:
A full codex, packed with background and artwork on the forces of the Imperium’s most secretive and powerful organization. You’ll soon be able to field an Inquisitor and their retinue in any Imperial army in games of Warhammer 40,000. 

And the ubiquitous teaser image:

This one could be very interesting!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First info leaks on Triumph and Treachery

News is starting to trickle in about 'Triumph and Treachery' the three-or-more player add-on runs for Warhammer Fantasy.

The two most interesting tidbits that can be gleaned are the use of 'Turn Cards' to control the flow of action between players and the 'Treachery Cards' that can be played in-game to help or hinder yourself or other players, such as forcing all models in a combat to re-roll successful hits.

This sounds like it could be a very interesting addition to the rules and is certainly worth a trial run.  The rumoured price of $100 CDN, however, is somewhat less appealing.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Battle Report - High Elves versus Ogres - 2,000 points

The first game arranged on the WarPegs forum went down this Sunday.  Thanks to Garth at Maxx for providing a table, and thanks to forum user EmperorPenguin for coming out for the game.  It was a great match and I enjoyed it immensely.

Come into the forums and read the full battle report HERE.

Adepta Sororitas rules revealed

The former 'Sisters of Battle' have been thoroughly overhauled for 6th edition, and the leaked rules from the new digital-only codex are now floating around the various rumour sites.  These seem to be agreed upon by everyone, so it's likely that these are accurate.

Overall the Sisters have been appropriately recosted and balanced and look to be a far more competitive option than they were with the old White Dwarf codex.  If only the metal-only models were a little more reasonably priced!

No more faith points. Acts of Faith are a no-modifiers Ld check that can be used 1/game to activate the act. Simulacrum points cost halved and lets the squad use their act 2/game.
Shield of Faith also grants adamantium will.
Warlord traits: Fear, +1 to Shield of Faith for unit, Re-roll DtW, Rage, 12" Stubborn Bubble, 12" Ld-for-Acts of Faith bubble.
Relics: Litanies of Faith (Auto-pass Acts & War Hymns), Cloak of Aspira (Re-roll Armor & Shield of Faith), Mantle of Ophelia (Eternal Warrior), Blade of Admonition (S+2, AP3, MC), Book of St. Lucius (12" auto-pass Fear & Regroup), Sacred Banner (12" +1 Att, re-roll morale, fear & pinning), Mace of Valaan (S+2 AP4, Flesh & Armorbane vs. demons)
Saint Celestine - +20pts. WBB is now an act of faith - only one use per game. Warlord Trait is 12" Ld bubble for Acts. Ardent Blade is now master-crafted +2 S. Still has Heavy Flamer. Now has Hit and Run.
Uriah Jacobs - +10pts. Has +1 Shield of Faith trait. Protector of the Faith grants an add'l use of unit's act of faith. Has War Hymns. Now has Zealot.
Kyrinov is gone.
Canoness Act is now Hatred. Rosarius -10 pts.
Battle Conclave - Arcos -5 pts, -1 A. Crusaders and Death Cult must have power swords.
Command Squad -50 pts, Hospitalier (10) and Laud (5) bought sperately. Have access to melee weapons in addition to special & heavy weapons. Act is Crusader, Fleet & Move through Cover.
Priests -20 pts. -1I. Get a list of 'War Hymns' that either re-roll failed saves, re-roll all failed wounds or give him (and not his unit!) Smash. NOw have Zealot.
Celestians -10pts, extras -1pt. Act is Furious Charge. Gained Stubborn.
Repentia -5 pts, extras -3pts. Lose FnP, Act is now 3+ FnP.
Sisters -65pts, 5 models base. Act is now Preferred Enemy. +10pts for Veteran Sergeant, can take eviscerators again!
Rhino +5pts, Searchlight standard.
Immolator -5pts, Searchlight standard. Heavy Bolter lost inferno rounds. Multi-meltas free upgrade.
Seraphim -5pts. Hand flamers is now -10pts. No eviscerator on Vet. Act is now Shred.
Dominion -5pts. Can take 4x weapons regardless of squad size. Act is now Ignores Cover.
Retributor - All weapons are now +10pts.
Exorcist -10pts.
Penitent Engine -5pts. Now has 3 Attacks, +1 for 2CCW.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Rumours of a busy WHFB schedule ahead...

The rest of 2013 and early 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting time for Warhammer Fantasy players.  In addition to the repeated rumours of 9th edition coming in 2014, a new expansion is all but confirmed to arrive in November:

via an anonymous source on Faeit 212Triumph and Treachery is an expansion that allows 3 or more players to battle upon the tabletop....... and in the end, there can be only one.
Its a hardcover expansion book, that comes with a deck of 36 game cards, 5 player turn cards, a pouch of game victory coins, a book with galleries, new artwork, examples of battles, and the rules for playing Triumph and Treachery with 3-5 players.
The cover of the book is a Dwarf fighting a Chaos Warrior in combat, with a Dark Elf Assassin sneaking in behind.
Official multiplayer rules for WHFB is great news, and something that I, personally, have been waiting a long time for.

Additionally, there are rumours about the supposed early 2014 releases of Dwarves and Wood Elves.  The Dwarf release, as rumoured:

OrcCrusher / TBM
Runic Anvil / War Altar
Squadron Box Gyrocopters
Thunderers Box / Crossbow / Dwarf Warriors (10)
Hammerers Box / Ironbreaker
Slayers Box / Brotherhood of Grimmir
Longbeards Box / Rangers
And initial rules and release rumours for Wood Elves:

 Hi Guys, new to the forum but a long time Wood Elves player.
The rumour is that the Wood Elves release is May 2014 and I have found some potential rules and releases translated from a Spanish forum, not sure about the accuracy but here goes:
Army wide ASF ( elves only )
- Hawkeye ( only elves , reroll one to hit, single shots)
- Spirit of the Forest ( unstable magical attacks, hatred , 5 + ward save , harmony with the forest )
- Elven Bow ( f4 , rapid fire , extra row )
- Saearath ( cc weapon , +1 Strength , + 1 SEspecial , spears )
- Explorers / Ambushers ( NDT : not what it is )

Forest Guard : Elvish Bow , Hawkeye
Eternal Guard : f4 , Saearath , L8
Light Knights : same
Driades : forms of combat .
Riders Halcon : Elven Bow , Hawk Eye , launches
Kournous Riders : Spirit of the forest, Saearath , L8 , F4 , A2 ( idk if directly go deer)
Arboreal : Spirit of the forest , as
Banshees : Spirit of the forest, Lamento ( breath attack ) , terror .
Eagle Claws : same
Wardancer : same , except for some changes that do not know .
Forest : Forest Spirit , Bow Elvish .
Men Tree: Like I
Millennial choleric : Hate Eternal , and nose to more

And releases
Man Megacaja Tree (Giant) / Durtu / Millennium cashflow
- Great Dragon Box Forest / Lord of the Forest / Sisters of Twilight
- Safety in Deer Forest Kournous
- Safety Kournous Riders (apparently nothing to do with the look of today, more fey and spiritual)
- Safety Wardancer / Forest
- Riders Box Falcon / Eagle Claws
- Safety Eternal Guard / Forest Banshees
- Blister Cantor of Trees
- Blister Lord of Forests
- Blister Skaw the Falconer
The Dwarf and Elf rumours both come from poster 'Ajota' on the Spanish Eye of Terror forums, which accounts for some of the unusual translations.  I'm not familiar with his/her reputation as a reliable source so I imagine you would take these rumours with a significant amount of salt.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mantic Games' next Kickstarter - Mars Attacks!

Mantic Games is no stranger to Kickstarter, with Dreadball and Deadzone both succeeding wildly.  Now, their next Kickstarter has gone live - Mars Attacks - A stand alone boxed miniatures game based around simple dice mechanics with a strong tactical focus.

Hit the link for full details, but in the meantime check out some of the pics:

GW Release Schedule

If there is anyone that seems to have accurate GW rumours right now, it is the fellows at 40K Radio.  They nailed the Space Marine release, and the Dark Elves weeks before anyone else had even a hint.

Right now, this is what they see on the schedule for future releases after the second wave on Dark Elves in November:

Jan – Tyranids
Feb – can’t recall at the moment (Might be Hobbit related)
Mar – Dwarfs
Apr – Imperial Guard
May – Wood Elves

The big surprise and newest addition is the Wood Elves.  They are long, long overdue for a new book and replacement plastic kits, and will likely see a big shift to bring them in line with the new Dark Elves.  ASF for all Elves seems like a given at this point.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Gamesday Wrap-Up

It was an eventful Gamesday UK for GW fans this year, and there has been a ton of information on future releases, a few surprises and as always, more and more rumours.

Faeit 212 has a nice wrap up post as well as a wonderful photo gallery up.  Well worth the time to check them out if you are a WHFB or 40K fan.