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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Adepta Sororitas rules revealed

The former 'Sisters of Battle' have been thoroughly overhauled for 6th edition, and the leaked rules from the new digital-only codex are now floating around the various rumour sites.  These seem to be agreed upon by everyone, so it's likely that these are accurate.

Overall the Sisters have been appropriately recosted and balanced and look to be a far more competitive option than they were with the old White Dwarf codex.  If only the metal-only models were a little more reasonably priced!

No more faith points. Acts of Faith are a no-modifiers Ld check that can be used 1/game to activate the act. Simulacrum points cost halved and lets the squad use their act 2/game.
Shield of Faith also grants adamantium will.
Warlord traits: Fear, +1 to Shield of Faith for unit, Re-roll DtW, Rage, 12" Stubborn Bubble, 12" Ld-for-Acts of Faith bubble.
Relics: Litanies of Faith (Auto-pass Acts & War Hymns), Cloak of Aspira (Re-roll Armor & Shield of Faith), Mantle of Ophelia (Eternal Warrior), Blade of Admonition (S+2, AP3, MC), Book of St. Lucius (12" auto-pass Fear & Regroup), Sacred Banner (12" +1 Att, re-roll morale, fear & pinning), Mace of Valaan (S+2 AP4, Flesh & Armorbane vs. demons)
Saint Celestine - +20pts. WBB is now an act of faith - only one use per game. Warlord Trait is 12" Ld bubble for Acts. Ardent Blade is now master-crafted +2 S. Still has Heavy Flamer. Now has Hit and Run.
Uriah Jacobs - +10pts. Has +1 Shield of Faith trait. Protector of the Faith grants an add'l use of unit's act of faith. Has War Hymns. Now has Zealot.
Kyrinov is gone.
Canoness Act is now Hatred. Rosarius -10 pts.
Battle Conclave - Arcos -5 pts, -1 A. Crusaders and Death Cult must have power swords.
Command Squad -50 pts, Hospitalier (10) and Laud (5) bought sperately. Have access to melee weapons in addition to special & heavy weapons. Act is Crusader, Fleet & Move through Cover.
Priests -20 pts. -1I. Get a list of 'War Hymns' that either re-roll failed saves, re-roll all failed wounds or give him (and not his unit!) Smash. NOw have Zealot.
Celestians -10pts, extras -1pt. Act is Furious Charge. Gained Stubborn.
Repentia -5 pts, extras -3pts. Lose FnP, Act is now 3+ FnP.
Sisters -65pts, 5 models base. Act is now Preferred Enemy. +10pts for Veteran Sergeant, can take eviscerators again!
Rhino +5pts, Searchlight standard.
Immolator -5pts, Searchlight standard. Heavy Bolter lost inferno rounds. Multi-meltas free upgrade.
Seraphim -5pts. Hand flamers is now -10pts. No eviscerator on Vet. Act is now Shred.
Dominion -5pts. Can take 4x weapons regardless of squad size. Act is now Ignores Cover.
Retributor - All weapons are now +10pts.
Exorcist -10pts.
Penitent Engine -5pts. Now has 3 Attacks, +1 for 2CCW.

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