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Monday, September 30, 2013

Huge GW Infodump: Dark Elves, Gamesday and more!

This has been a huge weekend full of information from all the various rumour and news sites.  if you are a GW fan, there has been a lot to digest, but I thought I would link to the highlights from some of my favourite blogs:

Games Workshop has been keeping up an incredible pace for new releases this year, and that's a good thing.  With a rumoured release of WHFB 9th Edition next year, it's a great time to be a wargamer!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rumoured Dark Elf Rules

These have been posted on a few of the rumour sites, and given how close we are to a release these are likely to be fairly accurate:

New Releases

  • All of the new models look great
  • The DE Army book is written by Matt Ward
  • The largest dual kit is the Cauldron of Blood which allows you to make either a Cauldron of Blood or a Bloodwrack Medusa. You can also use this kit to make the special character Crone Hellebron.
  • The next dual kit is Witch Elves and the Sisters of Slaughter – Sisters of Slaughter are apparently the lost daughters of fallen noble houses and look great.
  • The new DE Core box allows you to make your warriors with Spears, Swords and Shields or Repeater Cross-bows.
  • The Dual Hydra/Kharibdyss kit looks pretty good, there are pictures of the Hydra with different paint schemes that actually look a lot better than the leaked photo we’ve already seen.
  • The Special Character Shadowblade  is a single pose figure that will come in a clampack
  • There is a Lore of Dark Magic Card set being released.
  • Dark Elves now have the armywide special rule of ASF (unsure if this will apply to monsters/cold ones)
  • Dark Elves also have Hatred but presumably only in the first round
  • Black Guard have eternal hatred
  • New Rule called murderous prowess allows Dark Elves to re-roll 1′s to wound. Unsure if this will extend to shooting and magic.
  • There is a new Beastmaster Lord Level Character which costs 300 points when naked on a Manticore
  • Witch Elves are core and 11 points per model. They can also take magical banners.
  • A unit of 30 Spear Elves and of 30 Xbow Elves with Full command costs 390 points. Unsure what options were used but that means the warriors were 12 points per model.
  • A DE Sorceress Hero looks to be 80 points
  • Cauldrons of Blood still come out of Hero slots and look to have increased in points. They can join units and one of their powers allows a unit to re-roll to wound. In the Batrep a unit with a Cauldron and this buff up deletes a unit of Sobunz.
  • Bloodwrack Medusas are rare and have a shooting attack called Bloodwrack Stare. Not sure what it does
  • Hydras can now regain wounds in a manner similar to the Slann with the regen power of the old ones. They are now 180 points, have monster+handler but have to buy their breath weapon.
  • Lore of Dark Magic – The attribute is called spiteful conjuration and does extra wounds to enemies that have spells cast on them. Unsure of how the mechanic works but could be similar to Tz lore attribute?
  • Lore of Dark Magic – Only spell mentioned is called Word of Pain and it reduces WS/BS/I
  • A Dreadlord with Heavy Armour and a Shield on a Black Dragon costs 449 points.
  • Cold Ones are 30 points and have 2 Attacks, unsure if the cold ones themselves have ASF

My only concern with this is that having ASF, Hatred and rerolling ones seems excessive.  I would think only one or two of those rules would apply, or perhaps various units have one or two.

Regardless the models look stunning.  If you are a DE player you should be very, very happy.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's coming next for WHFB?

The rumour mill is finally starting to coalesce and agree on the details of the next WHFB release, Dark Elves.

Pricing leaks reveal that there will be several new boxes so this is a release on the same scale as the Dark Eldar release from last year.

via Warseer:

Plastic Dark Elf Warrior Box £30
PLastic Dark Riders/Warlocks £25
Plastic Blackguard/Executioners £30
Plastic Coldone Chariot/Scroungerunner £25
Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne £50
Plastic Hydra/Kraken £50
Plastic Witch Elf box £30

I've always liked the Dark Elf aesthetic but if these can be on par, quality-wise, with the Dark Eldar release, then I'd hope it would be a great shot in the arm for WHFB.

Picture leaks should be coming soon!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New X-Wing Releases

I've only had a chance to play X-Wing once, but I found the game to be excellent.  The ruleset is simple but when you are playing on the tabletop it quickly becomes a tense game of cat-and-mouse that models the strengths and differences of the different ships surprisingly well.

The new ships include:

  • B-Wing
  • TIE Bomber
  • Lambda-Class Shuttle
  • HWK-290
Full details are available at Fantasy Flight Games.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Advertising, advertising!

The next step to getting things started is getting the word out.  Games Workshop Winnipeg is allowing me to post a link on their facebook page, and a flyer in the store.  A flyer will be going up at Maxx Collectibles and Imagine Hobbies as well, so thank you to their respective owners.

If anyone has somewhere else to post them, please do!  The flyer is available in PDF format in the forums for your convenience.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Forums are up!

Since I am using free hosting for the site at the moment, the Forums are going to be hosted elsewhere.  You can find the forums at ProBoards for the time being.

At this early stage, any suggestions or comments on the forum structure is welcome.  I've covered what I think will be the common topics but if I've missed something just let me know!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I don't know why but I had to start it somewhere, so it started there...

This is the inaugural post of what hope will become a source of information and entertainment for wargame players across the city and the surrounding area. At this point, WarPegs has exactly one member: Me. I'm Dave and I'll be your host.

I've been playing WFB off and on for the last ten years, as well as several other tabletop wargames. What I have found difficult is finding games when you have a full work week, kids to raise, a house to keep up and several other demands on your time and money. I've had friends that played occasionally, but none that really loved the game enough to make the effort to build a few thousand points and a gaming table. I'm hoping that there are others out there in the same situation who want to play a few times a month instead of a few times a year.

So for now if you are looking for other players, drop me an email. I'll be adding forums as soon as a few people join in and this ball can get rolling!