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Monday, October 7, 2013

GW Release Schedule

If there is anyone that seems to have accurate GW rumours right now, it is the fellows at 40K Radio.  They nailed the Space Marine release, and the Dark Elves weeks before anyone else had even a hint.

Right now, this is what they see on the schedule for future releases after the second wave on Dark Elves in November:

Jan – Tyranids
Feb – can’t recall at the moment (Might be Hobbit related)
Mar – Dwarfs
Apr – Imperial Guard
May – Wood Elves

The big surprise and newest addition is the Wood Elves.  They are long, long overdue for a new book and replacement plastic kits, and will likely see a big shift to bring them in line with the new Dark Elves.  ASF for all Elves seems like a given at this point.

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