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Friday, November 8, 2013

Tyranids are coming, first leaked image!

My first and one true 40k love is finally getting a much needed new book and model release, and so far things are looking good!

According to earlier rumours, these new Hive Guard will have an alternate weapon (seen on the left) designed with Skyfire and the ability to enhance grounding checks for flying Monstrous Creatures.  This image certainly seems to bear that out.  Knowing GW this kit will likely also be a dual kit, maybe for Tyrant Guard or an entirely new unit.

There is apparently also a new Tyranid Warrior box coming:

...Its right it isnt a dual kit. Also it looks like they are on 60mm bases.
They got the broadside treatment....Its hard to judge as ive just seen the front of the box, but they do look bulkier and more squat than they did.

Can't wait for more leaks, although my wallet sure isn't happy about this.

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