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Monday, November 18, 2013

GW keeps up the pace

Although this is not intended to be specifically a GW blog, you must admit that folks from Nottingham have been putting out new products at a blistering pace.  Codex:  Inquisition is now available, Clan Raukaan and it's pile of Dreadnought goodness is coming out shortly and all signs point to a release for Tyranids by the end of the month.  This pace of releases from the last eighteen months has to have any fan excited.

So what will 2014 bring?  Rumours are coming out less frequently as GW has really clamped down on leaks, but so far several tipsters agree on a general schedule.

via Faeit 212:

Release Plan for 2014
January - Dwarfs
February - Imperial Guard I
March - Imperial Guard II
April - Wood Elves & new GW Page/Shop
May - Orks (40k)
June - Bretons
July - WHFB 9th Edition Rulebooks & Starter Set
August - Space Wolves
September - Orcs & Goblins I
October - Orcs & Goblins II

The two-wave release schedule is also rumoured to be coming for the Tyranids given the number of missing models from the range, and the large number of finecast figures.

It seems like 2014 will be every bit as packed as 2013 was.

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