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Thursday, September 19, 2013

What's coming next for WHFB?

The rumour mill is finally starting to coalesce and agree on the details of the next WHFB release, Dark Elves.

Pricing leaks reveal that there will be several new boxes so this is a release on the same scale as the Dark Eldar release from last year.

via Warseer:

Plastic Dark Elf Warrior Box £30
PLastic Dark Riders/Warlocks £25
Plastic Blackguard/Executioners £30
Plastic Coldone Chariot/Scroungerunner £25
Plastic Cauldron of Blood/Blood Throne £50
Plastic Hydra/Kraken £50
Plastic Witch Elf box £30

I've always liked the Dark Elf aesthetic but if these can be on par, quality-wise, with the Dark Eldar release, then I'd hope it would be a great shot in the arm for WHFB.

Picture leaks should be coming soon!

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